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The "kellergolfer"

Welcome to my site! 

I am Roman, the kellergolfer, and as the name rightfully implies, this page is about golf. As this page is complementing my youtube-channel, you will find most of the information on both sites, meaning course vlogs, course guides, course reviews and other golf-related stuff.

My main focus is course vlogs, named "how I play the course" from places around Europe (as a start). In addition you will soon find written intros to the videos and other additional information on the courses, adresses, useful links, etc..

As “Keller” is the german word for basement ("cellar"), you will also find some bits and pieces on how I practice indoors, especially during the bad weather/winter period, which can be lasting here in Germany. I would love to inspire you to do something for your game during the winter season, be it fitness, or simple putting.

But my primary goal is to add something to your game through the “how I play the course” course vlogs – either to get some helpful input for preparation upfront before you play a course first or just be it to grab some inspirational ideas on how to approach a course you already know.

If you like that kind of stuff, go on, visit my YOUTUBE-CHANNEL, hit the subscribe button and please leave a comment or get in touch with me directly on what you are interested in so I can cover it in future episodes!

Thanks for visiting and see you soon at the kellergolfer’s!


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Kellergolfer on youtube



Find course vlogs from all over Europe and watch how I play the course.


Watch videos on how I practice indoors.

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