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The Kellergolfer

and What's In The Bag
  • In the Video, you will get some more insight on me and my golf history, what I love about the game, my affection towards womens golf, especially the LET/LETAS, why I think family golf is great and so on. Please have a look!


  • Further below you will find some information on the equipemt I am currently using, and there will be a WITB video coming soon.
    You will probably notice, that I have listed more than 14 clubs. The clubs I am carrying vary dependung on where I play. For example, I usually carry the classic setup with three woods (Driver, W3 and W5) in Germany, the utility iron (RomaRo Ballista) and no 60°-Wedge.
    If I deem it necessary, I switch the W5 to the iBrid-Hybrid or, for example when it is really cold or very wet, I take out the 4-Iron and carry both utilities. That's the downside of beeing short.
    When it comes to wedges, for some places, especially in Spain and Scotland where there is a lot of hardpan, I find it necessary to take the 60° and leave the Hybrid or one of the FW-woods at home.
    But luckily there are enough clubs and configurations to choose from these days!

RomaRo Golf logo.png
RomaRo Golf logo.png
RomaRo Golf logo.png
Volvik ogo.png
Helmut Logo.png


Ryoma Maxima, 10.5°, Quadra Fire Express MaxPlus 5R, 44.5"

Fairway Woods:

RomaRo Ray FW 3* Tour Select, 13.5°, Quadra Fire Express FW 50

RomaRo Ray FW 5* Tour Select 16.5°, Motore Speeder VC 5.0 R

Utility Clubs:

RomaRo iBrid chapter 2, 19°, Quadra Fire Express UT 70R

RomaRo Ballista U3, 21°, NSPro Zelos 8

Srixon Z80, 23° Steelfibre


E5 - PW: RomaRo CX Forged, Shimada Konstant K's-700, HartTip+1

E4: RomaRo CX Forged, NSPro Zelos 8


Miura 51°-8, Shimada K's Wedge KW 110

grindworks 52°-12, Shimada K's Wedge KW 110 52

grindworks 58°-12, Shimada K's-Wedge KW 110 black

Miura 60°-8, Shimada K's-Wedge KW 110


Yamada Shogun, Copper Handmilled, 32"


Volvik Vibe

Bridgestone Tour B X S

Kids Clubs:

Golphin for Kids GFK+ Advanced (started with GfK 728)

Fitted by GolfFit Service Helmut Krämer

Puttguru Horst Rosenkranz

Swingcoach: Günther Kessler, Bart Bollens

Fitness: Orlando Golf Performance, Ryan Blackburn

Flightscope XiTour



Sony Alpha 6400
GoPro Hero 6
and 7

Rollei C5i Tripod

Rode Mics

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