The Kellergolfer

and What's In The Bag
  • In the Video, you will get some more insight on me and my golf history, what I love about the game, my affection towards womens golf, especially the LET/LETAS, why I think family golf is great and so on. Please have a look!


  • Further below you will find some information on the equipemt I am currently using, and there will be a WITB video coming soon.
    You will probably notice, that I have listed more than 14 clubs. The clubs I am carrying vary dependung on where I play. For example, I usually carry the classic setup with three woods (Driver, W3 and W5) in Germany, the utility iron (RomaRo Ballista) and no 60°-Wedge.
    If I deem it necessary, I switch the W5 to the iBrid-Hybrid or, for example when it is really cold or very wet, I take out the 4-Iron and carry both utilities. That's the downside of beeing short.
    When it comes to wedges, for some places, especially in Spain and Scotland where there is a lot of hardpan, I find it necessary to take the 60° and leave the Hybrid or one of the FW-woods at home.
    But luckily there are enough clubs and configurations to choose from these days!


Ryoma Maxima, 10.5°, Quadra Fire Express MaxPlus 5R, 44.5"

Fairway Woods:

RomaRo Ray FW 3* Tour Select, 13.5°, Quadra Fire Express FW 50

RomaRo Ray FW 5* Tour Select 16.5°, Motore Speeder VC 5.0 R

Utility Clubs:

RomaRo iBrid chapter 2, 19°, Quadra Fire Express UT 70R

RomaRo Ballista U3, 21°, NSPro Zelos 8

Srixon Z80, 23° Steelfibre


E5 - PW: RomaRo CX Forged, Shimada Konstant K's-700, HartTip+1

E4: RomaRo CX Forged, NSPro Zelos 8


Miura 51°-8, Shimada K's Wedge KW 110

grindworks 52°-12, Shimada K's Wedge KW 110 52

grindworks 58°-12, Shimada K's-Wedge KW 110 black

Miura 60°-8, Shimada K's-Wedge KW 110


Yamada Shogun, Copper Handmilled, 32"


Volvik Vibe

Bridgestone Tour B X S

Kids Clubs:

Golphin for Kids GFK+ Advanced (started with GfK 728)

Fitted by GolfFit Service Helmut Krämer

Puttguru Horst Rosenkranz

Swingcoach: Günther Kessler, Bart Bollens

Fitness: Orlando Golf Performance, Ryan Blackburn

Flightscope XiTour



Sony Alpha 6400
GoPro Hero 6
and 7

Rollei C5i Tripod

Rode Mics