How I play the course
  • Why do I label the course vlogs “how I play the course”:
    Although I have been playing at a low-digit level for decades, I am not a pro. Consequently, I will play a course the way an amateur is playing it, usually taking a more conservative approach.
    Also, I am certainly not a long hitter, in fact, I hit about average numbers for Ladies European Tour (LET) Professionals. But this is actually great, because the LET usually plays the same teeboxes as I do and there is so much to learn from the girls on tour! 
    The "how I play the course" videos will consider these facts, I will try to show landing zones, approach angles and possible "backdoors". If possible, there will be some insights on the club itself, the course layout and its general strategy.

  • How do I choose the courses: 
    I am trying to focus on courses which are or were destinations for the Tour, preferably the LET, but also the EuropeanTour, LETAS or Challenge Tour. But you will find also course vlogs from other courses where I frequently play or just spent a visit for a day because they are worth playing (and filming). One of my short-term goals is to return to all TheOpen courses to do course vlogs.



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