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Golf indoorS


In this section, you will find some videos on how I practice indoors. This can be drills, challenges, tools, fitness, mental or whatever I find interesting working on to improve.

Don't be scared by some of the videos, most of the drills will be possible without much special equipment or room, because that's how I started too.

By now I am lucky enough to call my basement a true paradise for practicing indoors and I love spending time there, either alone, but preferably with the family or friends. The basement was built at a sufficient height (3.25m) when we build our house some 10 years ago, so it was intentionally targeted to indoor activities, not necessarily golf (actually table tennis first).

However, at this time I was only dreaming about the current setup and I started with a basic driving range mat and plastic balls chipping my way trough the emty room.

Later I added a net (which I used outdoor before), then came the first launch monitor. And so it moved on to today's setup.

Nevertheless, I should practise more, of course...

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